Passionate Pursuit of His Presence

This issue will examine all the facets of our relationship with God and we will be provoked to move on from the starting point of salvation to realising deep intimacy with God as our husband. We have studied The Tabernacle over the course of this year. It’s been a guided tour of intimacy with God, it showed us the way to His heart. It is the ‘litmus test’ of whether we are truly- Ecclesia, The Bride or Babylonia, The Harlot. The true Bride is desperately looking out for her Bridegroom’s return, she aches for Him and she will do everything to protect His honour and so submits to the discipline necessary to serve Him to her very best. She shuns all other pretenders and remains pure.

Signs and Symptoms of True Love:

Perpetual promptings – The Shulamite woman in Song of Songs is the best picture we have of the young and ’in love’ bride. Like her, You can’t wait to see your lover. You are busy making preparation for His return.

Secret rendezvous – When you begin to pursue God we have a set-apart time, place and space that only we know of, it’s dedicated to God only. Our prayer room/place.

Pillow talk – Time with the Holy Spirit gives us deep insight into who God is and His secrets. We can tell Him anything and have the confidence that you can be completely vulnerable and honest. Trust His willingness to listen and His ability to solve it. Come away in His presence and  relax into His loving embrace. 

Touch therapy – Only His touch will do, one-touch from Him will heal anything even a broken body, wounded heart or a shattered spirit.

Keen to please – We are willing to do whatever He asks or desires just for His sake. We don’t ever want to let Him down.

It’s been quite a transformational journey. I pray that you will maintain your passion for His presence and purpose. Knock and enter in and find Him waiting Behind the Closed Door!