by David Ferguson – Storyteller / Jan – March 2020

While I attended a well-known high school for boys in Kingston Jamaica, I was labelled as a homosexual. This was not correct but experience soon taught me that the more I resisted name-calling the more it was done to me. In trying to dispel any doubts in my schoolmates’ minds, I began to “study” well known pornographic magazines in order to be more conversant with popular terms. I believed that the more smut I spoke the more my schoolmates would “respect” me as a “girls-man” and it worked. I got the “respect” from my schoolmates, friends and neighbourhood for being conversant with smut.

I got transferred to another high school that had both male and female students. I became interested in a very attractive girl, school mate. The only drawback was, she was a committed Christian. I figured that if she saw me as being “Christian-minded” then that would increase my chances of a relationship with her. I came up with this plan to help to convince her that I was a good and decent guy. The plan was, I would start to attend the Interschool Christian Fellowship (ISCF) meetings that were held weekly; this should surely convince her that I was a “proper Christian”. This was the perfect plan for I was used to going to church and knew how to ignore altar calls. My plan was to go to ISCF that week and let her see me there.

I reached the meeting early and found a seat on the far side of the classroom. The meeting started and after 20 minutes I realized that she wasn’t going to be present that day. I decided that I could bear one more of these Christian meetings and stayed on but as God would have it they gave an altar call and I was the ONLY PERSON who accepted the Lord. God had called me for certain and I answered. The interesting thing is that I was so focused on my encounter with God that I completely forgot my reason for attending the ISCF meeting. This happened in May 1979 and I never remembered the girl until about September 1979 when school resumed after the summer break. 

That summer was one of the most exciting times of my life. Tremendous changes began to take place in my life.

Those changes included: –

I stopped reading pornographic magazines.

I stopped undressing girls in my mind and describing them to my friends. One of my neighbourhood friends saw a girl approaching where we were standing and told me. I looked at her and continued our lively chatter about football. He was very surprised that I didn’t quietly, verbally disrobe her for my friend’s entertainment as was my usual practice. “David is really serious about being a Christian for true”.

I started praying for my friends to be ‘born again’ of which a number of them did. I remember a schoolmate saying if ‘Fergy’ (the shortening of my surname) can become a Christian then anybody can change. I led him to the Lord later that year.

One change that took a long time to happen had to do with my thought life. I had filled my mind with loads of smut from the pornographic material. Even though I did not want to entertain those smutty thoughts they plagued me. I remember going to crusades and had to be shaking my head vigorously because thoughts were coming to me about the female evangelist who was preaching. I was constantly tortured. I overcame this by declaring, “I rebuke you, you unclean spirit, I command you to stop bringing those thoughts to my mind in Jesus’s name”. The harassment became less and less until it finally stopped about nine months after I had given my life to Jesus.

When I accepted Jesus in my life I immediately became a brand new, never before existed person. I did not desire to continue sinning and had to deliberately resist satan until my mind was totally free from sexually impure thoughts. If you accepted Jesus in your life you have also become a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17) and can achieve the same victory over sin, satan and his plans.