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Read Christian articles, discussions, news, culture, reviews and opinions. SHARE Magazine was developed and produced for the Christian’s Spiritual health and wellbeing. Our production team is a dedicated group of volunteers who all work hard to help you so whether you are a first time or a regular reader we appreciate you taking time out to read our magazine. We are all personally committed to obeying the great commission of taking the Gospel to the four corners of the world. It is our vision to use this medium to tell the greatest love story of all time – Jesus Christ laid down his life for mankind so that we could be reconciled to God in a loving relationship.

Scientists tell us that our planet is tottering towards a global melt down. We experience the sociological effects of a world shaped by greed, shaken by terror, devastated by war, famine and disasters. People have no hope. It is therefore incumbent upon us to SHARE the good news of the Gospel. Jesus Christ is the hope for mankind, He is the Light of the world.


Each issue deals with current topical issues that affect everyday life decisions with a view to strengthening and encouraging Christians in their faith in Jesus Christ. In these turbulent times, through the wise application of biblical knowledge we also endeavour to give sceptics answers to tough questions. We do not presume to have all the answers but we are committed, like the Berean saints of old, to seeking these matters out and submitting to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Our goal is as we learn more each day to SHARE it with you.

Our passion is also to give exposure to undiscovered talent and facilitate the development of these talents. So please take the challenge and submit your articles, poems and creative writing pieces etc… We love to hear from you so send us your comments, queries and suggestions.

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