Writers Guide for The SHARE Magazine

Aims and Objectives

  1. To get the Word out (as the name suggests).
  2. To address relevant and pertinent Christian issues with solid Bible-based articles that will inform and equip God’s people to live the Christian life and to do the work of the ministry.
  3. To discover new Christian literary and journalistic talent and be a medium through which they may develop.

Target Audience

Teen to adult Christians

New writers

Along with your first article kindly also submit a portrait (photograph) of yourself (300dpi) if sent electronically. Your photograph should also be accompanied by a brief biodata.( appx 10 words example – Retired Minister, Bible teacher. Married with adult children and loves music)

 Send to editor@thesharemagazine.com


  • Cover – designed around the feature article

Main Contents

  • Feature article
  • Related articles – related to the theme of that Issue
  • World in View
  • Testimonies (Miracle Makeovers)
  • Reflections
    • Letter to the editor – 
    • #Youth Share
    • Note to Self
    • Poetry
    • Story Teller
    • In Praise of Hymn
    • Did you Know?
    • Q&A- Where readers ask life questions and get a response from us
    • Prayer Corner

Other Contents (Not all these will make it in every magazine)

  • Health and lifestyle
  • Christian Fashion
  • Feature Interviews
  • Film/ Theatre Reviews -THINK Film

Article Submission

Every quarter the editor will send by email her greeting and updates, as well as the  Matrix which has her pans and projections for the coming issue, for your perusal.You are required to choose which feature article among the list offered you are intending to write ASAP and contact the editor by email so that everyone will be clear. The Matrix is a working document that all collaborators can view and comment on. From there you will be able to track ther progress of the issue.   


All articles should be proofread and submitted for editing two months before publication date.


We have discovered that the typical reading age of our average reader is 6 – 9 years. This reflects the literacy rate of average UK teens/adult so we seek to opt for clarity and simplicity to reach all. To accommodate this we suggest using the CEV translation of the Bible for quoting scripture. If necessary you may use another translation but remember to say what translation it is in your references at the end.

Try to have headings throughout your article that covers 2-3 paragraphs of text.  Also, I recommend that you adopt a conversational tone that puts the reader at ease and holds their interest. We are not in the business of telling people off we are sharing the truth and trusting the truth to have power in itself to change people’s lives. 

Your article must be sent with your name at the top or bottom for it to be readily identified as yours. Writers collaborate on Google Drive. If you do not have a Google account you may email your article in the body of your email or attach as a text document along with Images/photos. Microsoft Word Documents should be no later than the Office 2007 version.

Structure and Proofreading

  • Short sentences – one topic/subject at a time.
  • Simple language-avoid jargon. Where necessary clarify/explain/define.
  • Short simple paragraphs-one topic discussed at a time, followed by supporting details/statistics/quotations etc.
  • Use PQE – Point, Quotation, Explanation.
  • Apply writer’s triangle – Main points in first paragraph-Backstory and supporting details next paragraphs and conclusions in the final paragraph.
  • Apply three-second rule – can your reader get your main idea in three seconds?
  • Suggest links – to related articles (SHARE and otherwise) /videos /further reading.
  • Include plenary- A quiz, table graph or other means of reviewing information or offering reflection
  • Place article in google docs.
  • Sign off and update the version number for – every newly edited version of your document in google drive version.


Photos should be about 300 dpi for best results in our printed magazines and must be saved as .jpg or .png format.

Word Count

An article must consist of approximately 650 words including title and reference. – Less if photos/images are to be included. If your article consists of more than 650 words it will only be accepted at the editor’s discretion as this will mean the article could flow over to another page impacting on layout, page count and ultimately cost of printing.


If you need to reference anything inside your article, footnotes must be made at the end as stated in our guide. See referencing guide >


The Magazine is A4 size (UK) in width but letter size (US) in height, is printed in full colour throughout and consist of approximately 36 pages (32 pages + cover).


The Feature/Cover article (Centre spread ) will be chosen from among the group of article submissions. The article that the editor deems most relevant, current and most likely to command the public’s attention will be used as the feature article.

World in View

This section will summarise world news that affects the kingdom of God within the last quarter i.e. fulfilled prophecies etc.


 Personal accounts of the impact of Jesus’ Saving grace.

Head of Design and Layout: H. Slack

Chief Editor: A. Slack

Publishers: Select Arrow Publishing Ltd.

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